Toddler super foods that offer the best nutrition for young ones as theY continue to advance through important developmental stages.

All of the foods listed below are considered super foods that provide complex nutrient rich attributes that will provide toddlers with building blocks for development. These super foods include colorful fruits and vegetables but also include some foods that might you might not immediately associate with being a toddler super food such as cinnamon and cocoa.

The first toddler super food is full of development needing protein and naturally occurring vitamin D. Eggs are first on our list because Vitamin D helps children absorb calcium, a mineral that is vital for teeth, bones and much more.

Health Benefits of Fruit: Berries, kiwi, oranges, melons and other fruits are full of essential vitamins and essential minerals. Many people do not realize fruits also contain fiber which is important for toddlers in so many ways. Try to have your toddler eat a variety of fruit and make eating healthy fruit an activity that happens several times each day.

Next is oatmeal with its whole grains that contain plenty of fiber, a substance that is slower to digest making for a longer release of energy that kids need. Oatmeal has been shown in research to increase concentration in the classroom.

Milk is one of the best super foods for children as the protein and calcium benefit the building of brain tissue, bone development and strong teeth.

Healthy fats are good for you and nuts provide these healthy fats that are vital for growth and development. Good fats also provide an energy boost and heart benefits according to research studies. Look to add different types of nuts as snacks or add to salads or other food dishes you prepare.

Tofu is a secret toddler super food because it certainly is not the first things most parents think about when it comes to feeding their children. The truth is tofu is full of protein and is an excellent replacement for meats. Non fermented soy is what makes up tofu and the creation becomes a great source of iron, protein and calcium. Always be careful that your child is not allergic to soy, and this goes with all foods on this list.

Tomatoes are full of Lycopene one of the most promising findings in vegetable history when it comes to the benefits to the body. Tomatoes are not only healthy, they are relatively inexpensive baby food that is very versatile to prepare. Finally, tomatoes are delicious.

Cocoa is full of natural ingredients that can provide some natural health benefits. Since Flavonoids prevent heart disease and cancer according to research cocoa is becoming the sweet that is good for you. Not to be substituted for fruits and vegetables, the Flavonoid benefits include antioxidant fighters that have made research on the subject suggesting chocolate is a healthy food for toddlers.

Cinnamon is found mixed with lots of grains and other foods, but little known to most is that cinnamon has been shown to be productive in keeping people healthy.

Basil is one of the healthiest herbs which can add tremendous flavor. The medicinal properties of basil are legendary with a focus on indigestion. The natural treatment basil is recommended for a host of symptoms. Aids in digestion by helping your body to create more saliva. The ultimate health to a baby comes from the Folic acid, which is best when it is fresh basil. Dried basil is a great source of calcium, potassium and iron. Basil is good for clearing sinuses by improving respiratory issues.

Cabbage has a host of vitamins and can help a toddler meet his daily needs for vegetables.

Low-fat Greek Yogurt has a higher protein count than regular yogurt. Toddlers need protein for so many reasons and Greek yogurt is an easy way for them to help meet their daily dietary needs.

Black beans are rich in iron and protein making it a super popular dish in many Latin American countries. High in fiber and good carbohydrates, this magnesium and phosphorus and Folate and zinc and thiamine and niacin. Get the picture, black beans are super food around the world for good reason.

Salmon is the super fish of super foods in which research has repeatedly shown so many different health benefits. This brain food really does help to improve the body and mind.

Sometimes it is hard to get a toddler to eat super foods. Keep on encouraging your toddler and offer a variety of super foods. Many parents give up trying and end up feeding their child too much fried and easily prepared food like macaroni and cheese.

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