The Chinese Lunar Calendar is believed by some can help predict the gender of a baby boy or baby girl using the mother’s age and the month of conception. Also known as the Chinese Lunar Chart since it actually is an ancient chart from over 700 years ago that was found inside a Beijing, China tomb of a royal person.

The original baby gender prediction calendar is visible to tourists at the Beijing Institute of Science which is one of many ancient artifacts on display of the great Chinese dynasties. The Chinese Gender Calendar chart was supposedly created by a Chinese scientist and his discovery was placed in that royal tomb hundreds of years ago.

Chinese Lunar Calendar Baby Girl Boy Gender Prediction

Lunar Calendar Predictions

To predict the baby’s gender using the Chinese Lunar chart you must first find out your Chinese lunar age. The Chinese lunar age is found by adding one year to your age, unless you were born before the Chinese New Year then you would add two to your age. The Chinese New Year does not happen on the same day each year but instead the date of the New Year occurs between January 21 and February 20. The basis for figuring out your lunar age comes from the way the Chinese count your age. In Chinese culture, people when they are born start out as being 1 year old and every time they pass the Chinese New Year they gain another year to their age.

The other important piece of information you need to have when you use the Chinese Lunar Calendar to predict the gender of the baby is the month of conception. Using the mother’s lunar age and month of conception you can use the chart to help predict whether you will have a baby girl or baby boy. Sometimes it is hard for a mother and the doctor to figure out the exact date of conception, but usually the doctor is able to figure it closely by using measurements. With approximations that are a day or so away from a change in the month of conception deciding for sure the month of conception less reliable.

Many people believe that using the Chinese Lunar Calendar will make baby gender predictions that can help them plan their pregnancy around a month in which the Lunar Calendar predicts a boy if they want a boy or a girl if they want a girl. Many baby gender prediction beliefs exist and the historical scroll based Chinese Lunar Calendar is one of the most widely known methods for determining the sex of the child. Many methods exist for guessing the gender of the baby and the Chinese Lunar Calendar method is by far not one of the most accurate methods.

This is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, a chart drawn up over 700 years ago and discovered in a royal tomb in Beijing, China. The original is now displayed in the Beijing Institute of Science.

Using the Chinese Lunar Calendar should be done for entertainment purposes only and it is just one of many different ways to predict the gender of a baby girl or boy. Statistics in a few studies have shown that the Chinese Lunar Calendar chart is right more often than it is wrong, but it is still no where close to precise and should not be counted on to predict the sex of the child.

Researchers have discovered another way that can help predict the gender of the baby girl or baby boy that will be born in the near future. Like the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Ramzi Prediction Method is also not 100 percent accurate but it can give us a much better idea of the baby’s gender.