How to help a crying baby girl or baby boy stop crying.

When you have already fed your baby, changed the baby’s diaper and determined the baby is not tired it can become a challenge figuring out how to comfort the crying baby so the baby stops crying. A baby cries as a way to communicate his or her needs so figuring out why my baby is crying can be the first step to stopping baby from crying. Some parenting tips that seem to work are listed below, just understand that all babies are a little bit different so some of these tips for a crying baby will work and others may not work. If the baby continues to cry, understand that no long term negative effects will come to the baby because he or she cries for long periods of time. However, be aware that the stress and worry by parents who are unable to get their baby to stop crying can cause serious issues in relationships. Parents should not get upset with themselves or blame one another as these things can raise tension and cause serious relationship problems within the family. Often putting the baby in the crib and taking a break can help you calm down. Do not hesitate asking a family member or friend to watch the child while you unwind for a little bit which can be a big help to reduce your own level of stress and anxiety. Remember that support is available during this challenging time when newborns cry a lot, and seeking help when you need it can make all the difference.

Repetitive sounds can help comfort your child. During pregnancy, the baby could hear the constant heartbeat of the mother and repetitive sounds are therefore a great way to make your baby feel comfortable with his or her surroundings. You can find a repetitive beat on the radio or compact disc or some type of meditation sounds including white noise. Constant noises from vacuum cleaners, blow dryers, running water and washing machines have also been known to effectively help a crying baby.

Lightly massaging the baby or rubbing the baby’s stomach can often help. Using baby cream or baby oil can help the massage relax the child. A warm bath has also been known to help comfort an upset baby.

Gently rocking a baby or if the child is old enough using a baby swing have helped many parents relax their crying baby. Rocking chairs and glider chairs are popular products sold in baby stores since the demand to soothe a crying a baby is strong among parents.

Many parents say that a ride in the car have made their crying baby relax and sometimes even fall asleep. Likewise, a long walk in the stroller can do the trick to stop a baby from crying. Recognizing that sometimes your baby will want more stimulation like a stroller ride or new toy or less stimulation like book reading or quiet time can help soothe a crying baby.

Babies enjoy sucking on something so giving the child a breast, pacifier or a finger to suck on can meet that need and stop a baby from crying.

Feeding time for breastfed babies can cause a baby to get frustrated if he or she cannot adequately latch on to get the milk. Often simply changing the feeding position of the baby can make better satisfy the child. A baby will cry after feeding if he or she is not burped or if the baby is still hungry.

Many times the baby just wants to be held and comforted which can often settle an upset child down by making he or she feel loved and secure.

Remember, newborn babies cry as a means of communication. As the baby grows, the child will eventually discover other ways to communicate his or her needs without crying. But early on expect the baby to cry when the baby is hungry, needs to change out of a dirty diaper, has stomach aches or gas, needs to be burped, tired and needs to sleep, feels cold or hot, beginning to teeth, and simply wants to be picked up and held.