Naming the baby is something many people think about even before they become pregnant. However, choosing a baby name can be quite stressful when you are pregnant and the baby’s arrival is fast approaching. Finding a baby name that you love and one that fits the baby girl or baby boy you think you will have is often an overwhelming experience.

Help Choosing Baby Girl Names and Baby Boy Names

There is a lot of information on how to name a baby that can both be helpful and sometimes can take you astray of your intended goal to find that perfect baby name. Lots of options on how to name the baby and statistics on the popularity of every name makes the process more informative but also makes the decision more difficult. Many baby names are classics while others are trendy so read these baby naming tips to help you figure out the perfect baby name for your son or daughter. You can check out the top 100 baby girl names list and the top 100 baby boy names list if you want to see the most popular names in recent years.

At the hospital, you will fill out the birth certificate and it is much easier to have a name decided at this point than to not have a name. It is true that if you have not decided you can file the birth certificate later and you can always change the name on the birth certificate, but again this is a time consuming process that you should try to avoid by making a decision before you deliver the baby. Many couples spend up to a month or so after birth before figuring out the perfect name so it is not completely unusual not to have decided before giving birth. Often couples find it easier to pick a name when the due date is approaching but you do not have to worry if you wait till after giving birth.

Some names are so popular that they are way overused and some that seem like they are flying under the radar but will probably be in the next rush of most popular baby names. Ask anyone and people will happily give you their opinions and their personal favorites which may or may not help your quest to find the perfect baby name.

Being a parent means making decisions. Couples often become overloaded with information and options on everything that deals with the baby. For instance, there are hundreds of strollers to choose from each with its own set of features. As the birth day approaches many parents feel anxious about the choices they have made or have not yet made as it impacts their baby and choosing a name certainly can cause anxiety. Much of the anxiety comes from caring enough to want to do what is best for your baby and recognizing that the stress of having a baby and everything that it entails will help you relax and make better choices.

The fact is that choosing a name among the tens of thousands of possible names that exist can be a daunting task. Books, websites, friends, relatives and your own imagination can play a role in helping you narrow down the possibilities. The key for many is to think about aspects of a name that are important and to use this list to narrow down your search while knowing you can always expand beyond these parameters if unable to find the perfect name. There are some things that you can take into account when choosing a name like the first initial, a connection to a family member past or present, the way the name sounds, the way the name is spelled, the way the name sounds together with the last name, and how unique or common you want the name.

One of the most important aspects of baby naming is making sure the name sounds good and is compatible. A baby’s name when said aloud should be the first test. Some names sound rough while others sound like a melody. Make sure the name is compatible with your last name by saying both of them aloud together. If you have a short last name then it is often best to choose a longer first name. If you have a long last name then going with a short first name usually sounds better. If your last name starts with vowel then it is best not to end the first name with a vowel as the first and last name will run together and sound awkward like Elena Abbott. First names that rhyme with last names are something that is recommended to avoid. For example, a name like Mitch Fitch will probably become annoying. Another name combination to avoid are puns like Sunny Day as the coolness of the pun will quickly wear off and the child will be stuck with an annoying name for his or her entire life.

Many people create their own unique name for their baby girl or baby boy that can come from joining two different names, an experience or place or a slight twist to an already existing name. Make sure you avoid embarrassing initials or names with nicknames that can be embarrassing. Kids can be cruel in grade school and if your child has a name with a common, embarrassing nickname then it is possibly going to cause him or her problems.
When deciding on a name for your baby make sure you say it out loud along with last name to make sure the combination go together well. The first name and last name should complement each other by making the syllables and the sounds go together. Not only should you say names under consideration out loud with the last name but also write the whole name down and visually see if the first name and last name look good together. Consider pronunciation, root meaning, origin and what nicknames often are used for it when choosing a baby name.

A lot of people get dismiss particular names because of their connections with someone in their past. A bad experience with a person can be easily remembered when you hear that persons name. A lot of names that might otherwise be ones we like are often associated with someone in our past. However, many experts agree that if the association is not completely terrible that your son or daughter will make the name their own in such a way that those past associations will not be a big deal. Asking friends and neighbors about a particular name can often have the drawback of them saying that they know a person with that same name. It should not matter to you if your neighbor has a cousin with the same name because this is your son or daughter. Along this same line is that often the name you choose might sound strange when you first start using it to refer to your baby boy or girl. This is normal and after you start saying it over and over and hear other say it many times the name will become comfortable and you will realize you made a good choice. However, avoid monikers of really bad memories such as Katrina if your life was thrown into turmoil by Hurricane Katrina.

Choosing the perfect baby girl name or baby boy name should be something couples do together. Right away you should be talking to your partner and laying out a plan on how the two of you will come up with a name. Make a list of names you like and add to the list whenever you think or find a name that may work out. Ideas for names can come from many different sources so staying organized with your list will help you narrow down your choices later.
Many couples choose a name that is unique which can help the child during his school years be different. For instance, a child with a name like Jacob, John, or Michael will most likely have two or three other students in their classes with the same name. Similarly, girls names like Jennifer, Rebecca or more recently Isabella are so popular that you will often find other parents calling out the name at the playground to their kids. Having a unique name can have many advantages as long as it is not overly difficult to pronounce or remember. Consider also the child’s last name. A last name that is already unique and hard to pronounce may go better with a simpler, more common first name. A common last name like Abbott or Davis will be complemented better with an unique first name.

A place many expecting couples start looking for a name is within the family. Grandparents, uncles and aunts are often the source of a chosen name for baby girls and baby boys. If you include great grandparents there will be quite a few names which you can consider. Many parents also consider naming their baby after close friends. Often a variation of a relatives name or a combination of a couple of names can work to make the name unique, yet still be considered a family name. For example, the name Mariette is a combination of her grandparents names Mary and Harriet. Do not feel pressured by relatives to name you child after them, especially if the name is not one you like. Many people use the child’s middle name to appease a relative. Often you will have to at least consider making relatives happy.

Your heritage and ancestry may be taken into account when choosing a baby name. For instance, many families have a history of naming the first born son after the father. Other families have a past connection for girls names, but if the name seems outdated then consider altering it somewhat or using it as a middle name. Many people choose a name that coincides with their religion, such as Christians who choose one of the hundreds of names that appear in the Bible like Abel, Adam and Angela.

Most names have meanings so you may want to at least consider what the name means when making a choice. For instance the name Maverick is defined as “an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party”, which may not be the message you want your child to be sending every time he says his name.